I couldn’t decide if I want leave all these behind, but I guess at some point I realize that is not possible for me to carry on all these by myself, it is too much work, and I an fed up with heart breaking to know people are not anarchist but another person consuming the idea/logo and slogan. its just hard….

2 things for sure that will keep on going –

anarchist translation collective, the first and only anarchy group in taiwan after 1929. this will carry on by me and willychen, we will release anarchy booklet and leaflet in the future.

i will keep working on the culture resistance, which you will see alot of my stencil/graffiti, and sticker around the island. that I will try my best to make the message spread in such ways.

this is a temporary goodbye i guess. I did all i can… and i wish you enjoy most of it…


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