anti fascist action in Spain

12th-Oct is Spain’s national day, alot of fascist came out of the street to Party. (just 2 days after us, we also have a lot fascist on TV in the parade, but people enjoy it, no? i saw there were also some fireworks thing in south of taiwan, where people go crazy support a fascist symbol – the nation!)

the same time a lot of anarchist and anti fa  kids came out to fight with the fascist, this goes crazy in the north spain, the basque(spelling)  country. where ETA called off their “armistice” early this year, they explode a bomb on a car near some police station(as i remember, i read the news like 3 days ago) And haven’t heard from the friends up there(this makes me worry…..)

But anyway, the problem in basque country that i had already talked about a long time ago, you should had some idea, but anyway i should study more about ETA before I write more about it again, maybe in 2 weeks….

otherwise, the calling for action for the NATIONAL day in spain

And the nationalist riot?
Did you know the spanish riot cops have syndicalist anarchist color? hehehe

(or is this the police of basque country?)

the nationalist flag

the concrete riot on video :


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