APEC in Australia

我記得 那部 “是的老兄” 的紀錄片是多麼可笑 兩個反WTO的綁架文化行動者打了通電話到澳洲表示要去做一個WTO的presentation 卻事實上 做了一個反WTO的演講 搞得大家一頭霧水

這是綁架文化行動者的最高境界 是我們追尋的目標

Thursday the 2nd
Student Strike Against Bush’s Visit – Organising Meeting

Youth and Student Strike George Bush is not welcome here! No more wars for oil! First Perth organising meeting details: 4.30pm Thursday, August 2 Resistance Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St, East Perth (near McIver Train St) Call Trent on 0407 070 841, or 9218 9608 for more info. The leader of the world’s number one military power, climate destroyer and denier of workers rights, George Bush, is coming to Sydney in September for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. To give George Bush a welcome and tell him and other world leaders at this summit that we do not approve of their war on terror, anti-environmental policies and attacks on workers rights, Resistance has initiated a national youth and student strike in the lead up to George Bush’s address to the summit on September 8. Recently Defence Minister, Brendon Nelson, admitted something we have always known – oil was a central reason to invade Iraq. The invasion has cost the lives of at least 650,000 Iraqi people at a cost of over US$1 billion per week to maintain the occupation. This war for energy security is a global crisis and the APEC summit has reaffirmed the central role of fossil fuels in their energy mix and especially the need to secure oil resources into the future. The participation of George Bush in this conference, someone who has ensured his oil company buddies have profited well from the invasion of Iraq, indicates Howard’s desire to drum up support for continuation of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a continued committment to fossil fuel energy sources. We think that young people need a voice of our own. Democracy is not about waiting to go to the ballot box every three years. The real challenge we face is to convince more people that apart from getting rid of Howard, the only guarantee of any lasting social change is through the actions of workers, students, and others, working together to create and defend our democratic rights. This is particularly important in the lead up to APEC, in the context of special police powers and a scare campaign in the media as an attempt to intimidate people against protesting, students and young people can help to inspire others to take action. Resistance has called the strike to help build momentum to the September 8 convergence and solidarity actions that are organised in each city, as well as give young people the chance to have their say on the streets in the lead up to the federal elections, about Bush and Howard’s conservative agenda. We are calling on all youth, students, activist organisations, unions and others to come along to the Perth organising meeting to help plan this strike and other activities in the lead up. In Perth we are also organising a People’s Tribunal for Crimes against Humanity and the Planet on Murdoch University during August to give all young people an opportunity to draft charges that can be handed to George Bush on his arrival in Australia. Once again those details of the organising meeting are: 4.30pm Thursday, August 2 Resistance Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St, East Perth (near McIver Train St) For more info call Trent on 0407 070 841, or 9218 9608.


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