anarchist library

i dont know what i can really write about for this moment, but i go back home tomorrow, i will miss most of the people here, and yes the anarchist library have got all the books it needs with me now.

i will see you soon taiwan.



  1. Em:

    JoMa Sison was arrested by Dutch police today:

    There will be a protest by Migrante and local advocates this coming Sunday. Come and join.

  2. i will be there for sure….

  3. hi em

    i’ve came bake from Afghanistan yesterday!

    when you go back taiwan, please contact with me

    by the way, i will be a college student again in Don wu social Dep.

    hope see you soon!

  4. hi wei hao, so good to hear from you again, i miss you so much. i go back home on Thursday, you have to tel me everything in afghanistan!!! and yes i heard you will be going back to Don Wu, its a good thing i am gonna have you to fight with in the future activist(you havent change your mind, have you?)
    see you very soon!!!

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