not finished

its funny when you think about it, i have not much to complain about london, most of the time i hung out with any anarchist, and the first day i arrived i went out with two crusties, we were bagging for money on the “punk” street all day, if you want to know the truth, nobody gave me any money, but it was some experience. I had fun, and enjoy suffering from people’s “coldness”. I remember how easy it was when i was much younger in the central train station. but mainly i think it refer to the cloth i wear….

on the climate camp i met two crazy korean activist, i looked at them ” are you guys anarchist? coz on antig8 protest people were asking me if i know those crazy korean anarchists” they simled, didnt reallly give a response to this qutestion. but they were from the radical media in korea, and from what they said, there was only them who came to g8. alright, i think these fucking europeans always confused us as different places. just the other day, one guy was telling people i am from south dorea. oh man.

i acutally can write more about the lifes in uk, but i have to take a shower before we go to climate camp for the big action…. so i hope i do have time before it…. i leave this for now..


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