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NPA activist/ supporter issues death threats to anti-capitalist UK citizen
by redaugust    2007-08-05 3:05 AM +0800

A rogue NPA activist/ supporter has threatened to murder a Brtish anti-capitalist
Calling all Filipino comrades. A soi-disant NPA activist/ supporter has issued death threats against a British anti-capitalist & people he knows. This is a cause of great sadness, as I thought we were part of a common global struggle for peace & justice. She has threatened to use bombs & grenades both against myself if I dare to travel to the Philippines & against people I know living in the Provinces. This is on record.

Please advise.

NPA high command, please discipline your comrade! It gives the global anti-capitalist struggle a bad name.


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  1. 來自新人民軍隊(New People Army)的新聞

    一位NPA(New People Army,菲律賓毛派半軍事組織)的行動者/支持者威脅將殺害英國反資本主義者,希望喚起菲律賓自身的團結。一位自稱是NPA行動者與支持者的人,對某個英國反資本主義者和其認識的人發出死亡威脅。身為為了和平與正義而戰的一份子,我們對此感到憂傷。她威脅如果我膽敢進入菲律賓,將以炸彈與手榴彈殺害我以及我認識的菲律賓人。上述的事有白紙黑字為證。


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