racist, i am not an immigration!

most of you dont understand my anger of being an asian, and for some people they think i am being too sensitive about racial problem.

in fact, i am, i can not stop thinking about it when the first time i step on a different country, people look at me and label me as a “immigration”. i learned this when i was 13, it was hard becuase back the time i dont see much different people from different countries in Taiwan, I dont think about it, and everytime when we see a white man, we just stare at them, becuase they look so different, just becuase we are too ignorant. i admited this, its not a problem. before the age of 13, i had only met less than 10 white man in my life, you cant blame me but if you insist you can.

but the difference, when we see some body different, we think they are different, we dont think they are from whatever the countries is, or if the color of skin present for anything, to us, they are just Wia Gouan Ren.

The truth is, when i am here in Europe, everytime i hear people talking about immigration they look at me, not the guy from america. I dont know why, becuase I am an asian?  the stereo type of thing piss me off, if you allow me to say this, this is a total racist, even you are an anarchist. you must realize this.

then being an asian anarchist is a struggle, beucase everything here we have is from america or eroupe, and then we stop to create our own way of thinking, we are not western people, even i am calling out loud ” no border, no nation” but just like gender difference, we are woman, they are man, we do look different. we are asian with our own history, with our own difference and our own bueaty, while we fight against the capitalist, we must remain our difference from other people in the world, its not a pride, its not a seperatist, its about being who you are, and being understanding of where you are from and the language you speak.

but as the truth i had being a real immigration since the age of 13, i felt much anger toward to this racial problem, people talking to you without knowning you, they think


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  1. Fantastic track, and I’m not really into that type of music!

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