quick notes of my trip

alright, finally i left bilbao, I like Chous and Carlos, Juan, David, pogo… and rest of the boys while i was in Bilbao, but 2 weeks is just too much for it, I ended up hate it very much (hahahahaha, i hope the boys dont read this)

If you are an anarchist, and if you heard of any crazy stories of bilbao anarchist, it aint true, they are nice people, but not the aggresive ones….. if you are looking for a riot, you are looking at the wrong place.

then I went to Barcelona, everybody was telling me to, and i wasnt listening to anybody, fuck this, i love Barcelona so much, especially when i met another anarchist SxE vegan, it was the fucking paradize for me, I love Barcelona for this, the city, its the same like every fucking city, but with people like this, its the best you cant miss. i am happy i met Diegold and Danea, it was one of the best day of my life. remember i told you guys about me meeting two sxe anarchist when i was 13, these are the guys like the guys that is going to change my life to be a much better person. the day before yesterday, i was sitting in the traffic with these guys, and we could really discuss about how some sxe are fucking retared who wear nike shoes and go to Mac becuase they have a VEGAN meal. and how people are buying big crop cloth and food and still calling themselves anarchist or sxe. its the first time i feel relax, becuase these people are fully aware of the situation we are now, we are not gonna fucking buy an adida shoes and claim ourselves the fucking anarchist, i feel fucking safe and happy when i was with thiese guys, but i had to leave to Rome the next day, altho i had a really good vegan cake party with a bunch of vegan people. it was good time to relaxing and party without beer/drug and smoke…..

and now i am in rome, in an 8 year squatting house, which is a fimmi/anarchistès residence. this is another fucking awesome place to remember/talk about… but its way too hot now, tomorrow i have a big moment, and the next day i go to solidarity dinner for an anarhist book, the day after(wed) i go to an anarchist meeting with a bunch of vegan guys.

life is beautiful with the anarchist….


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