anarcho punk federation 無政府龐客聯盟

I couldnt help to laugh when i hear about anarcho punk federation, I mean. Yes I love most of the punk that is ‘labeled’ as anarcho punk bands, but as for getting serious about the anarcho punk, its a bit funny to me. Most of time we say that out of jokes, like calling some friend who always wear flower t-shirt a ‘hippi’

I met a really good friend when I was in Berlin, his appearance is definally punk, and with an anarchist ideology, we all say he is an ‘anarcho punk’. he told me about going to Peru in 2006, he mentioned some meeting but with his bad english, i didnt really understand what he was saying.

until last weekend i was attending the most fucking DIY/Crusty to death crust music festival in Spain, i realize thereś a federation of anarcho punk existing. In a second I find it very amusing, and then I realize how serious these people are, even to me its still a bit funny. My good friend, Adri told me they were working on a zine of DIY, he said its a very big book, it talks about everything you can and can’t image, and its now on its process to edit, he will send me a files becuase I had agree to translate the book into english and chinese, even tho i dont really know spanish(but i guess its a good chance for me to be working hard on it?) And just to prove that this is really existing I bought a zine of the APF to bring back to taiwan. (everybody who is interesting, please rise your hand now)

while when i was talking to one of the guy who is belonging to the anarcho punk federation, he told me about the meeting in Brazil in 2008 July. He wrote me his name and tell me if I am going there, i had to have some ‘connection’ for getting in, ‘its not really close to people, but it has its worries, you know..?!’  I nodded my head, but then i remember my next summer schedule is full already, i will be going around japan and Indonesia a lot, so I said to Adri to send me a review of the meeting afterwards, and i will meet him sometime around september for a crazy travel in south america, where Adri never pays for the train or anything, (the food is all from the trash can).

and then before i write this article, i did a little research onlin, this is one of the funny thing i found on



  1. It is dead, you can read about one of the debates around it’s death on my blog (i was part of the founding collective, crasshole collective). The Punk Years

    I think that anarcho-punk was useful to me when i was younger, but at this point, radical change is clearly not going to come from a subculture.

  2. hmm i think too many of us grew up and gave up.

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