anarchist or not?

I finally changed the name of my blog, becuase Junk the system in a way sounded a bit phony and childish.

of course Anarchist.Taiwan.Okupa sounded even phonier and more childish. But for this moment it will stay like this. Anarchist stands for my ideas and Taiwan stands for the location where i live. and Okupa means nothing becuase while when i was in europe the whoel time i am doing okupassíon.

for some period when i am in eruope, i feel not much like an anarchist, but then i was talking to a guy from anarchist black cross, i realize how we have to hold up to our ground until the last second.

and when i go back to taiwan in september, there will be a lot of things to do. forget about the infoshop, i am not going to do the shop. but looking forward for a really good social center where i am gonna give some many different workshop on different things. its gonna be busy, and dont evern forget about the big year for the anarchist in asia, its about time for us to shout out loud to the world…..


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