conflicts – lefty and anarchist (with a news update of the anarchist in philippines)

most of you people dont understand the conflicts between anarchist and lefties are serious, its not like half red and half black, the syndical anarchist flag. in a situation right now, i dont want to talk about red or black when i am in taiwan, beucase there isnt black to talk about. and while i had been working with a lot of redies, i like them as friends, but not partner in real revolution. becuase the ideas in anarchist and communist is very different. some anarchist i know in europe hate communist as much as how they hate a capitalist, to them its much the same, and i can understand perfectly, i mean if you ever being in one really big communist party, you see this happen, the commuist aint so different from the capitalist in our anrachist´s understanding of it. and dont even mention about the reformist lefites. i dont have any thing to say about them, if i say anything, its jst bad words.

so if you are an anarchist or even if you are commuist you heard about the story in spanish civil war, i mean we all hear different version of it. some people said there was a biggest union of the commuist in the 30çs and some people say its a war for the anarchist. and some people would just call this a war against the facist, its a gather of all people. When i was in the CNT FAI Madrid office, i have to ask for their version of the story. there was, 2,000,000 of anarchist in the spanish civil war. YES, quite surprising? If you had been reading about all these things, it shouldn´t. i mean yes there were alot of anarchist in the spanish civil war, most of the anarchist were belong to CNT, or FAI, and most of them are workers, before i heard the anarchist was organized farmers in the village, but the people in the CNT told me, there wasn´t much farmers anarchist, they believed most of the farmer was in the commuist party. anyway, most of the anarchist fight until last second, until 37 they started to go to france. Do you consider this as a war for the anarchist, i asked, the people nodded slowly, i would say so. yes there were a war against the facist, there was a war too between the commuist and the anarchist.

I work with commuist, I wouldnt never deny this in front of the anarchist, everytime i tried to explain them the situation in taiwan. of course i understand how they dont believe me after seeing all these oppotunist commuist parties and movements in europe. its very hard for them to understand, the commuinst could be a revolutionary in taiwan. or maybe….. i dont know, are you a revoltionary?

there´s so much things i can talk about on this topic, but i will give you a break for this section, now, we talk about the situaiont in the philippines.

the problem in the philippines is, the red is very very organized, becuase of they are fighting a real war against the capitalist, that movements have been running for ages, hence everything that could be a problem for them, they tried to solve it. its understandable. But also the biggest problem is, we dont think the commuist is the solution, in fact, we think the red is only bring in another empire that is going to reform the government in their way, in the end we doubt the liberation will happen becuase people will be lving in a more ¨equality¨way, while the state stays there´s violation of freedom. people dont need to run by a big system to have a good life. people are capable for self-organized, and they are capable to make choice and work a community all by themselves with out any form of the government/power/authority. before believe in anarchist, you need to believe the nature chaos is not going to ruin us if it has its nature way, it only substatain our lifes. so the lefties had been trying to block the anarchist movements in the philippines. i talked about how they block their demostration/activist. And just now when the Afest is about to start, the commuist again, break into the plans, try to centralized everywher that is not meant to be centralized, as a fest, that is supposed to be self-organized with the communities, the commie cant wait for the control of it. Now the filipino anarchist is fghting for its reisistance. more likely we will need to do a solidarity movements for this against the commuist, against the commuist where has the power. when it should be the power to the people.

i remember last year when i was talking to a filipino punk friend who i knew from my friend in singapore, i was asking about him the anarchist movements in the philippines, he gave a despise answer about the anarchist movments. and then when i talke to my friend, i just realized there´s a red/communist punk distro in the philppines. I wonder how is the relationship with them and the anarchist. but I never get the chance to talk about this with them. i guess both sides have its story.

alright, back to the topic. but first i want to tell you its ok if you have cofuse over the communist and anarchist. when i was in germany, a friend told me, she wouldn´t consider herself ¨anarchist or communist¨ if you get my idea, i am just trying to tell you, even in a coutnry like germany, with activist people who squats, they still dont very much understand of the difference between the communist and anarchist, that´s why she put these 2 opposite nouns together.

when i was in Utrech with the communist activist from the philippines, i sincerely love them. the filipino acitivist was trying to show me the anarchist squat and meetings points. and then we went to a public kitchen for dinner, where we met 2 anarchist from Ameria. (we all know how american likes to talk about themselves too much, my country…. in america…. what we do in america… i dont know about you, but we… hooo. they just talk so much about america, how bad is their president, and blabhalh and I, I, I… its all about the big USA) anyway, then this guy started to being sarcastic as hell on the communist, saying how communist is fucking up everything and how they are ruin the world today, we were talking about china, and we were talking about something else, the whole time he was trying to attact the communist, as he didnt realize there´s a communist sitting by us. normally i dont really talk about how shitty the commuist are, i dont attack them as person, i critize about what they do, and talk about how thing would be different and about the revolution ideas difference between the anarchist and communist, as an anarchist, i respect anybody who tried to make a difference in life, and who fight for the social struggle. I dont agree with their reformist kinda of phony way of diong thigs, this i attack with no hesitate, but while when they thinking about revolution i could agree, this time i tend to think about the moments now instead of the moments afterwards, of couse, there isnt anything more important than this moment, this revolution and this fight. Anyway, so afterwards when we left the place, the communist friend told me he didnt like what this american was talking about, he think he is very narrow minded. and as the fact, this communist friends had been involved with alot of anarchist movements and works in local. his idea is very collective, i acutally find all the communist in the Utrech is very collective, and show respect to any other different ideas. so then we were discussing about the situation now its not about the fight between the communist and anarchist, becuase the capitalist is taking everything we have now, we must all work together to fight against it. Of couse this idea has its problem, but in a way, we are all looking for a socialist world, where people are able to have their own control(workers own their own factories/commie). so in a way, i think we are possible to work together, as long as both sides are not thinking about taking the power, and for sure us the anarchist never think about having such big power over communist or any movements. we are more believe people can self-organized a big resistance. but of couse it all depends on differenct cirustance.

when i was taking the bus with the little girl of the communist friend, she asked me, Em what´s the difference between the communist and anarchist. i told her i dont know how to expalin this better with her, when she doesnt have an idea of what both is about. but all i can say in an anarchy land there´s no any form of authority, and no control. everything is central on people, indivisual and communities. as an communist world, there will be a system taking care of people, to adjust the society to make the equal world, and we anarchist belive the humanity can do all these by themselves with out any system control. i didnt say any more about it, i think its for her to discover it to decide if she is an anarchist or a communist.

after this article, i hope i do show you a little sign of the difference between the communist and anarchist. and next time when you put link on your website/blog. you can think about what you really stand for, instead of putting a bunch of nationalist/communist/anarchist website all together and thinking yourself are very liberated in mind, if you dont understand something before you label yourself to it, its consuming the idea.

so are you cosuming anarchist?



  1. your a confused man..try to read alot and use you common sense..the marxist,stalinist,maoist, and blah blah communism is authoritarian..while anarchy(ism) anti-authoritarian..common sense..but try to read more about the modern anarchy(ism)..;-)..(A)

  2. this is not personal’s not you what i’m talking about..last words!

    Insolidarity (A)

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