anarchist are you calling for an independency for ¨your country¨

The problem in Bilbao is that probably 25 percent of the populatino wants to go independent from spain. Why? becuase in a way they havea different culture, a different language, and a different way of thinking. That´s why this even got me more interested. Its a bit like in Taiwan, if you think about it. i mean yeah we speak the same language, but we do also have a different language, similar but different. we have a different culture? (oh, i dont know, it really depends on how you look at it) oh yes, and the people in the Basque country think their problem is Spain(economically/politically….) So once they are independent from Spain, all the problem will be solved. ok, and here is my question, are you agree on the indepandency of Basque country or disagree as an anarchist?

the anarchist friend gave me the answer i would have gussed. being an anarchist is trying to abolish the country not to build another one. so while building another empire doesnt really destroy the other empire. and actually this is more commie than anything, that´s also why the socialist lefty is very strong in here. the nationalist tend to be more commie than anarchist, oh fuck, what am i talkinga bout, its not ¨more than¨but its totally opposite about the idea.

there´s always the possibility of things, such as this weirdest combine with the hippi punk.(everybody i met in europe all agree this is the most weird shit one can image, but in a way it really exist in eruope, does it?) But there´s no chance of the existance of anarchist nationalist, we dont even talk about any thing that is too depth for you to understand, anarchist is a theory based on against all form of authority, in this case, how can one bare any form of government/ruler as a stradgy? the idea itself is a mistake, just ilke the system we are in.

but also i find this problem in all different place, the anarchist movement tend to be local, and want to keep thing originally as it could be. sometimes this is very easy to lead to a narrow minded understanding of things. that´s the problem, i say, we always have to fight in the local but think as a whole. becuase without any other things in the world we wont be exist or survive. most of the anarchist tend to think about the local movements too much, they are lacking of understand the world outside, and in such a situation right now, we are not fighting things along in our ways, in the situation right now, we are all facing a big evil hand behinds everything, i would just call this the capitalist. yes, this may sounds too easy to you. are we all just fighting the capitalist, such an obvious answer, its a bit too easy, no? The Capitalist had got so big now, they are behind everything, the government the econimic, our daily life when we wake up in the certain time, why? becuase everything in a capitalist world, it has a rule to follow, if you dont follow up the rules you tend to get fucked over for being wake up too late, to stuck in the traffic, to get fired from your job, everything is in control. you never know when you will get rip off, becase the capitalist is running byt the rich and the powerful people, who can make a choice to chamge all your life in a second.

and i am afraid the kids in taiwan, have too much pride of their own country. the pride is a form of capitalist, people tell you that you should love your country, be proud of your own race, but if all the race is equal, or if the race different shouln´t be existing, how can you be proud of your own race. NO, i am not proud of being taiwanese or chinese, or i dont proud of me coming from taiwan, becuase Taiwan is the same as any other place, it has its beauty and its ugly, taiwanese or chinese or korean, its not existing, because we are all just people, we feel pain, we want to be loved and wnat to love, maybe we live in a different culture and think differently, but we are acutally all the same. so i hate it so much when i see people trying to wave the green flag too much, to say oh, i have a very strong inditenfication of my nation, ¨no nation, no border, stop deportation!¨and when they call a filipino ¨the migrant¨instead of calling them ¨foreginer¨this kind of things just pissed me off, to think most of the people trying to start up a racist/hateful prejudge of people from race. And when you looking back the indepedent movements in taiwan, then you realize how racist these people are to indetify our difference from other people in the world. I say fuck taiwan not becuae of i support china, but to say fuck taiwan because china or taiwan should only means nothing but a name of a location. its not a nation. it shouldnt be one more nation to increase the problem in the world. instead of that, the only thing we fight, we should start to liberate from ourselves.

i understand how most of people thinking the most important thing right now is about the independent movements or to go back to china. while when the indepedent movement activist trying to tell us the solidarity of the taiwanese is the most important work right now, in a way it sounded so fancy, its also like another che guavara movie where we hold each other´s hand to sing to dance to fuck together. but instead of that, this movement has sepearated us from the world. from the understanding of the race is not exist, so wheil when some people try to make this a ¨lefy movement¨i couldn´t help to laugh so hard, i mean of couse the nationalist could be left, a socialist country could be really nationalist, becuae of the capitalist worl today. they are all about the imporving of the country, instead of thinking grobal like the capitalist where they find cheap labors and cheap resource in other poor countries. the independent movements in taiwan is just too central-powered, its too much authoritize movements, instead of just being a political movemetns.

While in Bilbao, much of the things makes me think, if you dont know, there´s alot of squat running by commie natinoalist, and a lot of bars that seems to be so happy and local, but wheil it could be really nationalist. Dont even mention about the anarchist group who are supporting the indepedence of basque country, they say ¨we will fight for the anrachy after we are liberated from spain¨the theory could be the most werid thing i could ever heard, let´s have a over throw this government to have another governemtn and to overthow this government again, I mean, what the fuck?


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