spain – do you want to go independent or are you thinking about anarchy?

right now i am in Bilbao the Bizkaia country in Spain. this region had been trying to go independent for over 20 years now. the first day when i was taking the bus to come to Bilbao from Madrid, the girl who i just met on the bus point the flag at me, ¨the Bizkaia flag, you see, its everywhere in Bilbao¨ she told me the seperated activist in Bizkaia had been fighting very hard for the independance ¨Mira, ETA¨soon after she told me aboute the differance from the skin head and punk in Bilbao, we saw a big ETA graf on the wall. ETA has been known as a terrorist group for a long time in Spain. I had been reading some things of them a long long time ago, but was too stupid to reazliae this is happening right here in Spain. ¨but they are good people¨the girl told me with a smile, then i had a confued look on my face, huh? Sì, I dont know shit about nothing.

I left Madrid on the saturday afternoon, suddenly i just got this feeling i am desperated to leave this place, even the week of ¨break the silent¨is happening rigth in front of my face, i mean i enjoy everything there, the accíon the demostration and some of the people (the one who made a zine to send to the prisoners was fucking amazing, this is the time how i wish i speak español, but you guys will all be able to read all these incridible materials when the infoshop officially open) but somehow the aotonomous scene there is a big too middle class for me, i mean its a big city, what would you expected? (i will write another article on my 2 weeks in Madrid, and my critical conversation with the änarchist in madrid)

Bilbao, as it is still part of Spain on the map, its acutally quite a different place, i would say it is more like Neterlands than Spain. the people adn the street and the feeling of the air is different, its more chill, and when you talk to people you dont feel that much negative feelings toward to the things. its much more a big town city. Before i came here, the friend in Madrid told me, there´s not much things in Bilbao, its more excited to stay in Madrid, maybe? But in a way, theres too much in Madrid, and in the same time it doesnt all seem like to be that fucking interested/or that meaningful as what it supposed to be. (its like everything supposed to be all that fucking important, its not that important acutally, but people tend to treat it too seriously) I dont know, maybe its only my understanding of Madrid, it had taking its too seriously. People are not allow to drinking in the Madrid city, and every weekend you see people hang out on the street, and police is everywhere, if you dont want to get into the trouble you avoid the police, that means you have to move every 20 mins, and then you see a bunch of people holding bottles walking fast/running away from the police, or some kids ¨resist¨for their freedom of drinkin on the street, they fight with the police, and the police beat up the kids, I mean seriously, the Madrid has never put an end to the war against the big facist, its still going on every single mintues. Just a day before I left the Madrid, we met a Nazi on the Metro, he looked at me and my friend(he was wearing an antifa t shirt) with a despite in his eyes. My friend saw him when he got out of the metro and yell at him ¨fucking nazi fuck off¨this is a fight everyday still happening in Madrid. I feel terribly sad about it, I feel violating in Madrid surround by this stupid Nazi-facist movements in between every single things, and the hidden racist attittue agaist the immigrations, i feel this pain in the heart of every madridian and the same time its mix with this highly pride of being Madridian, even a few days ago when i was with my friend in his friends place, they were dicussing about the PRIDE in the people, they say ¨what pride, fuck pride¨but in everything I see this pride in every Madridian, why? maybe they fight too hard on anti facist and anti nazi, thats why they started to build this highly self-esteem for being a madrid activist/anarchist. Forget about the Madrid for a second now, coz this article is supposed to be about Bilbao.

The girl I met on the bus told me her view of Bilbao, ïdont like Madrid, Bilbao is good, I like¨she said with a smile on, she told me almost everybody in Bilbao listen to punk ¨mira, los chicos sit next to us, they look normal, but i am pretty sure they also listen to punk, you know, becuase everybody in Bilbao like punk¨ ¨so this must be a really punk city¨she nodded and laugh, ït is!¨then she tried to explain me the different hair style between punk and skinhead and street punks. ¨combining street punk and skinhead¨then she showed me her hair style.  she kept asking me if i have a place to stay in Bilbao, I almost thought she would invite me to her grandpa´s house, but of couse in the end, my friend in Bilbao finally called and eventually showed up in the bus station to pick me up. ¨mira, your friends hair¨before I say good bye to the girl, she tried to prove again her explaination of the differance hair style punk and skinhead has, altho i couldn´t really tell if my friend’s hair style is more punk or street or oi, to me its more emo than anything. (hahahaha, despite the fact he is an anarcho punk(jajaja))

Anyway the first day I arrived Bilbao, I liked it, even tho people still dont talk to me much becuase of the language gate, but I dont feel this ¨i am too proud to talk you with another language¨thing with them as what I would feel in Madrid (some girl even speak good english, but everytime when i tried to talk to them, I would get a feeling of they are too proud, and i dont really know what they are too proud of….?!) People dont talk to me, but they have this warm/welcome smile on their face.

the first 2 nights i was staying with my friend in his apartment, where its in the right side of the river,which is supposed to be the ¨middle class¨part of the city. my friend tried to tell me that he wouldnt think this as this way, but as walking down the neighborhood, you can totally feel the differance betwee the old part of the city where you see different faces on the street and in this part of the city, you only see the same straight/european face. and last night was my first day staying in the squat in Bilbao, this squat is settle in a bunch of buildings where most of them will be demolish in 5 years from now. so the owner basically cares nothing at all. as the fact they had only been here for a year of something like that, this place acutally needs more work for the future movements. But what is interesting is this house used to be a slaught house(sorry i keep forgeting how to spell the words right), where  they kill pigs and cows, remember the vidoe they hang the aniaml with one leg and cut their throat to let the blood go off? hwooo this is the place for it. And its good it has liberated to be a squat house for a bunch of kids coming in to do vegan cooking and to live with aanother meat-free lifestyle.

the name of the squat is black star, (a bit original, lol) its not a squat used for living, but a social center, where they have workshop, and movements/meetings or concerts. its a 2 floor building, the first floor have a small stage, kitchen, meeting place, ping pong room, toilet and a bar. on the second floor theres a computer room with free internet (acutally everything here is free, the light is from publich system, and so does the water) adn there is a library where I am sleeping in, aslo a small living where these people hang out to watch documentaries or movies. most of the kids involved in here is between the age of 15-21, they are mostly anarcho punks. my friend told me an year ago there were having serious problem of drug using in all the squats in Bilbao, so now its like an unofficially law against drug using in the squat, and most of the activist/anarchist kids I met here are drug free. and the best part, most of them are vegan, unlike in Madrid, there is a lot of meat eatter…. or people who claim themselves as vegetarian but eat fishes.

So far, Bilbao looks much better than Madrid, yesterday I did a little shopping in the infoshop of Bilbao, and is planning to go back during the times i am here. (i get a book of Prodon in español, heh its just for the heck of it.)

and now, we are planning to do a big stencil in this squat while when i am here…….


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