fankfurt anarchist

when i tried to visit FAU, there were never there. this makes me wonder if this org is acutally runnig or what?

dont even mention about the infoshop in frankfurt, it only opens on the weekends. and the founder of the infoshop frankfurt is actuallz a stalist, isnät this funny? this must be the funniest thing i ever heard.
i met this guz in the infoshop café in frankfurt and leave with him to rostock. 2 hours later, i realized this guy is a party animal, he smoke a lot of pot, put up fire, destroy thing, and when i asked him, `what can all this damage do to change to the world´ he told me this is just had to be done, so i said `anarchist wear nike shirt, and put on fires? i dont understand this logical, how does it work´then he said `when i was 7 years old, an old anarchist put on a fire in the trashcan in front of me to train me, and then i stop buying nike shoes´ this is such a lie, coz the daz before he was buying stuffs from burger king. I stood there, somethig told me, anarchist doesnt exist in frankfurt, thez just thought they are aarchist, but besides a bunch of people who fights the so called facist, i dont much consider this too anarachy. but i will just say i hung out with the wrog guy, this case i dot see the real frankfurt anarchist scene. altho in the g8 protest i met more worse anarchist, that makes me wonder about the future for anarchist.

sundaz when i met a friend from another part of germanz anarchist scene, we discussed about this problem, he is been in the scene for 20 years or somethig now, he said about 10 years ago the scene started to chaged, he was at the frankfurt infoshop 10 years ago when things just started for a while, people were more motivated/organized/united back then with a much better sense. nowadays anarchist has just forgot its roots and the original idea from the beginning, while when some of the anarchist adopted communist/stalist theory within. but of course there´s still alot of anarchist keep the old tradition in this internatioal solidarity. such as him, me, the frieds in berlin, spain, japan, korea, greece, italy… with this strong of network, i hope things chage again.

and i totallz forgot to metio about the au squat in frankfurt, its much a gather place, but it was ok, i took a lot of interestig photos, will post it up a bit later when i have the access to my camera.

otherwise, i am more likely not going to take my camera with me tonight to the protest agaist g8 i berlin, i want to be able to be in the actio.


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  1. an anarchist goin’ into Burger King and a Stalinist, well, doesn’t sound like what an anarchist would do.

    just hope you good luck, if you believe in wishes.


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