g8 June 3-4

ok first of all, you guys must so be dispointed that i missed the 2nd June riot, i was on the train that time, with this non-anarchist folk from infoshop frankfurt.

i will skip the details on June 3rd, i didnt do much things that day and after a couple days of choas i cant reallz recalled of anything.

on the 4th june 6 in the morning, me and friend got up earlz to get ready for this demostration at immigrant institution, there must be over 10,000 people all together no the train, people singing, shoutting out slogan, ‘freeom and movement is everybody´s right, we are here and we will fight’. while we didn´t get the chance to taste the good vegan-organic breakfast around camp, where there is different group of co-op doing food stand supply crayz vegan-health food. but this should´t be a problem for the anarchist, people share foods on the train, talking and laughing, for about 30 mins we arrived the immigrant institution, there were alreadz hundreds of people team up, you see anfi-fa groups from all over the country, anarchist groups and also a lot of communist group were involving. people march on the street from the train station to immigrant institution, flag waving and people singing, when we arrive at the immigrant institutio, there were a group of immigrat group spokeman giving speeches, the struggle for the immigrantion people in germany is not onlz the racist problem, the immigrantio control basic killed them all. there is a lot of refuge in germany, the people come to germanz and thought thez are finally leaving ´the hell´ but they are acutallz jump into another hot water, where the germanz government put reallz strict law to control the immigrantion, they can not have jobs and only a small amount of people get money, most of these refugees only get daily suppilers to survive, while there´s laws banned for traveling, they can´t go to another town without permittion. on the demotraton,there was a little theater thing about how immigratio to be `treated` in germany, its almost like in taiwan too acutally, you see arabic works as sweeper, latin american as gangsters, this theater is actuallz trying to show how the racist image has been puttig on people becuase of where thez are from, and there´s also a little game going on with the theater, they picked up one perso to give him a toy hammer, and the person must hit these people (where thez are supposed to hind in a hold, thez stand up show themselves and knee down to hind) the point of doig this is to defind the ´good german`if you think these people are not good for germany you hit them on the head. and this is acutallz the attitude from the immigratn institution in germany, the demostration was reallz peaceful and end up with everybodz solidarity with one believe ´no boder, no nation´

after this we went on to the second demotstation. this demotion is trying to show the differet treatment from the german campare to the first demostatio it was tryig to enphsize the attitude of the government. the place where where the demostation hold used to have a refuge house many years ago, in 1992 the place burn down, it burn for 3 whole days because the people who live on the street didnt let the police or firecar to get in and put off the fire. people on the protest were shouttig slogan at the riot police `where are you in 1992´. we were gather at one place and people were given speeches, on this protest it was more communists than anarchist as i can see. peopole are giving flyers about the movement/campaigns they are working on, they talk about the racist problem in the contry and as the govenment got give back the immigrant the same right they deserve. this demostration was beginning with peaceful solidarities, until the police started to talk tot the organizer that thereäs too manz people wearing mask and hoodies/sunglasses, and police started to hit people because they think these people are terrorist(becuase thez wears caps and sunglasses) thez got beaten down to the street,  blue eyes, bleeding faces. the spokeperson also keeps telling people to take off the mask sunglasses, it is acutallz illegal to cover your face in demostration in germany. after the demostration end me and my friends were going to go and take the train, the whole crowd of people were moving down to the train, while when we are passing a bridage, we saw the police brutlly draw a person out of the movig crowd, because he was ´suspected´by wearing sunglasses. people starting to shoutting ´`hold up, hold up`´ but it would stop the police. after 5 mins the police came after us to cross the bridege, they wanted to pass quickly so they spray the paper spray to the people who was stading i front of them, 5-6 people got paper spray for no reason, they were painfullz laying on the street, and this happened onlz because the police has to cross thro. the corwd was angrz, but we onlz shoutting out solagan and tell the police to stop those brutal actions against protesters. after a few mins most people arriving the train statio, when some police was trying to ge i the train to ride with us, they beaten down people becuase thez were staying on the waz which they ´suspected´` people are doing this to not to let them get thro, it was acutallz because there were so manz people in the train, its almost impossible to move. and the second demostratio ends here with manz people blue eyes ad bleedig faces.

later on we move to the 3rd demostration, there were over 10,000 protesters on the street, the first mins we arrived there were about 150 people from communist groups got block by the police, the suspected this people are going to riot, so they insist to chek out all of their ids ad stuff. but they got out eventuallz. there were these reallz amaying drumming teams and theater things. somehow the police tried to hold us up for 30 mins beucase they said there were too manz people covering their face in the crowd, so they wont let us thro, and there were 3 water can cars surroundig us readz to fire us up for the ´susptected riot possilbe` the organizer tried to have negoziatio with the police for 30 mins they finallz let us pass, but during the demostration they had stopped us several times even tho on the whole protest it was verz peaceful with music playing, people shoutting slogan and singing/dancing, while when we reach to the gate between the city and the town, the police told us we can not pass beucase the citizen doesn´t want us to get in the city, the afraid of us having riot. so we were stopped aroud the gate with music playig, people giving speechse, most people were dancig talking, theres no sigh of any riot. the same time we heard there were about 100 people in the city doing a protest to as the police to let us pass thro the gate and enterig the city. somehow it was all in vain, around 8 in the evening, the organizer annouced we had to all leave seperated as small group, the police decided to not let us finish our demostration. by this there most be over 1000 police on the whole street, riot police.

we teamed up with different group and try to leave the street, there were a lot of anarchist getting pissed thez took the emptz bottle out of the recycle can and stones, we were singing on the street, chain up, doig small illegal demostratio, but before the time we finallz get out of the place there wasnät any riot in my sight.

today on the 5th June, bush is arrving the airport, and now there´s another jorney to begin. I will come back writting if its possible.

ps. sorrz my camera is out of battery, so i probablz woundät be able to take pictuers.


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