The story about my zine is actually quite a long story, I dont know where to start, but please keep on reading, if you feel I had failed you in the past…..
I had received quite amount of the cds around the world in the past year, I want to thank everybody who ever bother to send me a copy, I say Thank you very much for giving a shit about this zine that has no name.
The zine is supposed to be out sometime early last year, but then I was promoting 2 shows, which sort of wore me off for one or 2 months by losing some money I saved for working 11 hours everyday. Then a problem with a friend who’s having melancholia also gave me somewhat a mind storm during one of the show. I thought a lot about where I stand in this scene during this period of time, I dount if there’s a place where I can fit in in such scene with people passing me by without knowing what I really listen to everyday, the “hardcore girl” or “sxe girl” that’s probably the only way how they are going to describe me one day when they forgotten my name. There’s really not a hardcore scene I would recoganize as hardcore. But again dont get me wrong, I am not saying there’s no punk here, there’s punk everywhere, and its not like Sid i dont give a shit punk, its punk rock kids making difference, making it happen. I had never been so close with pop punk kids, and actually love them for what they are.
So the idea of Zine came up a long time ago, I was doing a website years back when I didnt know anybody and when I started to hang out with everybody on the show, but it didn’t really put in actions until I met an amiercan kid who’s into black flag(He has a band here, they are also on myspace) we got together and came up with the first issues of this, we wanted to have the first zine in both english/chinese to let kids here know what’s going on and to let the kids outside know what’s happening here. Not long time ago we split up for personal issue, it just doesn seem to be possible that we can do anything together anymore. So I decided its for the best for me to keep on working the second issue of the zine since the hardest first step is already been done. (I believe he is also doing another zine, if you are interested, do a search on it)
But then I was also facing problems with quitting my job because of not having time to do anything after working 11 hours a day. I got a call back from the job I am doing now at the point where I only get 4 hours of working hours in a week, was this close starving to death(lol), I accept the job after the interview, they are in urge for me to start to join in the position, where I am paid for 4 hours of working everyday but acutally has to work alsmot 11 hours or more a day in this animal rights NGO, but this is what i chose. What I do in this job its virtually what I am about, only before I dont spend all my time working on animal rights campaign, becuase I dont have NGO backing me up with money. Hence I start to get all busy again, the zine still cross thro my mind all the time, if I get time, I write reviews or checking out bands, but hardly have anytime to sit and finish this issue. In a few month I was deeply into a couple campaigns and was busy working in a group to battle migrant campaign and translating a book on WTo, was also going out every night stick stickers poster and stencils. I started to miss some shows, haven’t seen friends in months, haven’t sleep well for over 6 months. Havent’ been active on contacts, haven’t reply to most of the messages and emails… blah blah…
And then finally another chinese new year is coming now, my boss was being nice as hell for giving me a month of bonus and 2 weeks of vacation which started from this morning, I have to go feed the cats in the office twice a week but i have no complains. I am happy for this extra vacation where I can sit on my ass everyday to finish this zine, and get interviews done.
Mostly, i dont want to fail those who ever stop by checking out my pages and those who care enough to send anything. Hopefully the zine will be finish in these 2 weeks! And I will be sending every band who sent cds a request for the snail mail address! And we will all be ready to rolling again!

Happy chinese new year!


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