PETER YOUNG RELEASED!!! New hope for animal liberator!

On Thursday, February 1st, Peter Young walked through the doors of the Victorville FCI II facility and into the free world. He was greeted by a small crowd and immediately taken to a celebration dinner in Los Angeles. To quote Peter’s toast (of coffee) that afternoon – “Here’s to being liberated”.

February 1st as a release date has long been uncertain. Peter’s pending charges in South Dakota have left this date in limbo for the 13 months since they were filed. It was not until 6 days before his scheduled release that he learned the news: South Dakota authorities had informed his attorney in private they would not be seeking to obtain custody at that time, and that after nearly 2 years in prison for liberating animals – Peter Young would soon be walking free.

A celebration dinner was quickly arranged for the evening of Peter’s release, with friends and supporters coming long distances to greet Peter at the prison doors. At 9 am, he exited the lobby doors and stepped into the free world.

* * *

As can be imagined, Peter has many plans for his new life, one of which is to maintain contact with all those who have supported him through these two years. He has a new email address and can now be reached directly at: Myspace messages will also be passed on to him. He would appreciate hearing from all of you one last – or first – time.

Peter Young’s story and actions have served as a motivation and inspiration to many working towards the most urgent cause of animal liberation. These two years have seen numerous twists and turns, both for the better and for the worse, and many of those reading this have been there through it all. Along with the urgency of the animal liberation struggle, Peter has also been consistently vocal on the quality of prison support he has received during the last 22 months. This is one last THANK YOU from the Peter Young Support Committee for every effort ever carried out on his (and the animals’ behalf) – from liberations to bake sales. Our gratitude is endless.

Look for these bulletions in the coming days:
*Statement from Peter
* Full and complete update on the South Dakota charges

The Peter Young Support Committee

這兩年是一條漫長的路 ,Peter Young回來了,動物解放的路還有更遠要走
Animal liberation is our liberation!


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